Last Woman Picked For Kickball

Today I felt completely out of control. Do you ever feel out of control? Things were happening all around me, and I could not stop them. No matter what I did, what I said, it did not solve the problem. I was not a super hero, but rather a damsel in distress. I was not [...]

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I Hate Valentine’s Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, I found myself getting into the spirit of things. I even made Ari and Wil a Valentine when I was subbing in a 2nd grade classroom yesterday.For those of you that know me well, the question marks are already going off in your minds. I don't know what happened to me. [...]

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You Can’t Give Something And Then Take it Back Part III

Here's an update with regard to the FreshDirect coupon situation. For those of you who haven't been following this saga click here and then here for the complete back story. Tracy, a customer service representative from FreshDirect, called me to follow up on my emails to FreshDirect. She apologized that the mass email had been [...]

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I Need Help, Instantly!

I was talking to my great friend and fellow mama (she has two girls under the age of 2 G-d bless her) Cordy about the high stress life of motherhood. When the kids are screaming and you are trying to do 18 things at once, you take a split second to ask someone, maybe your [...]

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What Not to Wear – Baby Boy!

In the spirit of Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from the TLC hit show "What Not to Wear," I would like to address the issue of baby boy clothing.When I was pregnant and found out I was having a boy I was thrilled. I was also a little relieved. I was relieved because of a [...]

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Write it Down!

Taking a break from technology, I would like to focus on something relatively simple; writing. I am literally referring to the process of taking a pen into your hand, forming letters that eventually become words and words that eventually become sentences. I am about to disarm many of you with this statement: I cannot remember [...]

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Why are Children’s Books So Inane?

In the course of reading several children's books, I have realized one major flaw about many of them; they are incredibly boring.Many of the baby board books are repetitive and less than compelling. I cannot tell you how many baby books I have read about the sounds that barnyard animals make:Pig = Oink, Cow= Moo, [...]

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Bogus Free Cooking Class Part II – The Joys of Having a Jewish Mother

My mom read my blog about my experience with Hain Celestial and was angered by the customer service that I received. She called the company's 800 number and spoke to Patty, a supervisor at their company.She informed Patty about her daughter's poor customer service experience. She also told Patty about her daughter's mom blog where [...]

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