How Are You? I’m Fine. No I’m Not. I Just Got My Period.

When someone asks me how I am, I usually give an honest answer. If I'm not okay, I say something like "having a hard day." But typically I tend to overshare and say something that makes the person laugh, even if it's surprising or seeming inappropriate. "How are you?" "Well, I just got my period, [...]

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My Achilles Heel

I often look at people on the subway or walking down the street and I think, they must have it easier than me. They can stop thinking. They don't have obsessive thoughts. They don't have anxiety, they don't deal with their heart racing most of the time. However, upon reflection, I realize that every person [...]

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A Lesson On Fear From Samara

My feelings about labor during my second pregnancy were vastly different from the way I felt about it during my first pregnancy. When I was pregnant the first time around, with Ari, labor was an abstract concept. I knew it would be painful, but I hadn't experienced what that truly meant.I was scared of labor [...]

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Thought of The Day: Coffee = Oxygen Mask

You know what they tell you on an airplane?"Put your oxygen mask on yourself, before assisting others?"Well, this is how I feel about my morning cup of coffee. It is my oxygen mask. Before that cup, I am useless to others. There is nothing like that morning cup of coffee! And the first sip...oh yeah!After [...]

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Marjorie The Cat Inspires Me

I'd like to introduce you all to someone. His name is Marjorie.Yes, I did say his name is Marjorie. Marjorie is a male cat and he is fabulous. But he is not my cat. He resides in a pet food and supply shop called Beastly Bite in Brooklyn, NY. The funny thing about Marjorie is [...]

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Thank You Veteran Moms

I've always been the sort of person that looks up to functional people, people that have their act together. I guess this is because I constantly feel discombobulated and like I'm just sliding by in life.Despite the fact that I am, in fact, 30 years old, most of the time I feel like I'm an [...]

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Last Woman Picked For Kickball

Today I felt completely out of control. Do you ever feel out of control? Things were happening all around me, and I could not stop them. No matter what I did, what I said, it did not solve the problem. I was not a super hero, but rather a damsel in distress. I was not [...]

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