I Am a Rock

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post about trusting your inner mom. That is to say, believing in yourself enough to know that you can handle a given situation with your child.I was faced with a challenging situation this evening. My son skipped his afternoon nap, and by the time bedtime rolled around he [...]

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Are Dogs Like Babies?

I would like to share a disturbing thought with you. I considered calling my friend Donna.Then I thought, it's kind of early (10:30am Sunday) but then I thought she has a dog. Dogs are like babies...they wake you up early. Dogs = babies?So, are dogs like babies? Thoughts?

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Saturn Returns and I Leave

The planet Saturn returns to the original position it was in when you were born between the ages of 28-30. I am going to get "new age-like" here and say that Saturn has returned to me in the past two years. My gut reaction is to hit the emotional road. I have this feeling inside [...]

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Being a Grown-Up is No Fun!

I'm getting ready to have a play date right now. A friend of mine is coming over. I know her peripherally from one of the schools I substitute at. I determined, since I don't know her that well, that I need to clean my house before she gets here. I need to pretend that I [...]

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Sleep As a Teleportation Device

One of my ingenious 4th grade students admitted that he had trouble falling asleep. I asked him what he did to combat his insomnia.He replied:"Sometimes I like to pretend that I am not really sleeping, but teleporting to the next day."He went on to say that he closes his eyes and tells himself when he [...]

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A New Take On Reading Aloud

My best friend Mint and I were discussing the miraculous fact that I recently finished reading a book. Despite all that is on my plate, taking care of my toddler and general life duties, I was able to find the time to read.She asked me how this was made possible. I told her that I [...]

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“The Now”

Although I don't like to admit it, I like routine. I enjoy having a schedule; knowing what my plans are for the upcoming day, week and even month. Having a child has allowed me to foster a shameless love affair with my calendar.Pre-child, I would have identified as more of a spontaneous person who occasionally [...]

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