Ari From Duane Reade and Some Sad News

Today, after I went to have the rubber band procedure performed on my giant hemorrhoid, I stopped into Duane Reade to decompress and spend as much money as possible on cosmetics. It's a good thing I just got my tax refund! I spent over $80 and here's what I got:Included in today's purchases at Duane [...]

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The Moxie Spot

My best friend Mint was babysitting for Ari, my son, while I taught Kindergartners yoga and watched them hula hoop and zoom around on individual scooters. Earlier this year she told me about a toddler friendly restaurant and play space that she was dying to take Ari to called: The Moxie Spot.She finally had an [...]

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The Ketchup Story

Let me tell you a story about ketchup:Once upon a time there was a little boy named Ari. One Friday evening, Ari, his mom and his Aunt Mint went out for dinner at a restaurant called "Chat And Chew" in Union Square.All was well at first. Ari's mom was munching away at her quintessential macaroni [...]

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A New Take On Reading Aloud

My best friend Mint and I were discussing the miraculous fact that I recently finished reading a book. Despite all that is on my plate, taking care of my toddler and general life duties, I was able to find the time to read.She asked me how this was made possible. I told her that I [...]

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A Trip To FAO Schwarz Story Time With Mint

Although I am with my son the majority of the time, there are days when I have to work. Today was one of those days. Instead of spending the day with his mama, my son had the pleasure of spending time with my best friend, Mint, who I have known since I was 12 years [...]

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