The planet Saturn returns to the original position it was in when you were born between the ages of 28-30. I am going to get “new age-like” here and say that Saturn has returned to me in the past two years. My gut reaction is to hit the emotional road.

I have this feeling inside me, since I became a mother, that keeps urging me to evolve and change. But not just change. I want to leave. I want to abandon what is in my past and move on to my future. I am ready to close up old wounds and embrace what is to come.

I’ve never felt like this before. I am excellent at holding grudges, but I’m tired of these old patterns.
I am ready to become new again.
Being a mother is a new identity and evokes internal questions:
“Who am I?”
“Who am I to my son?”
“What do I want to do with my life?”
As Saturn returns to me, I’ve said hello to it, yelled at it, cried and attempted to make peace with it before I take road trip to get away from it.