Recently, my son has developed a fascination with standing on his head. Sometimes I do it with him.

I was thinking about going on craigslist and buying a used gymnastics mat to further his love of headstands and other acrobatics.

He’s not the only toddler I’ve seen stand on his head! My friend Josina’s son ( and Ari’s friend) Nelson also loves to stand on his head! So I’m beginning to think this is a developmental thing.

I find this behavior fascinating since I (myself) am one of the most uncoordinated people alive. I laugh internally every time I think about the fact that I’m a “gym teacher” because I have no inherent athletic ability whatsoever.

But apparently my child has a penchant for gymnastics! Who knew?

Does your toddler stand on his head? Did your kids ever stand on their heads? Do you stand on your head?

Let me know!