I often look at people on the subway or walking down the street and I think, they must have it easier than me. They can stop thinking. They don’t have obsessive thoughts. They don’t have anxiety, they don’t deal with their heart racing most of the time.

However, upon reflection, I realize that every person has their own achilles heel.
Achilles, according to Greek Mythology, was dipped into the river Styx by his mother in an attempt to make him immortal. But when she dipped him into the water, she held him by his heel thereby making that part of his body vulnerable.
Every person has their own vulnerability.
My achilles heel is anxiety, panic, worry. I cannot stop thinking and worrying. Often, my brain makes me feel powerless. I cannot control my thoughts.
Though everyone has their own weakness, their own achilles heel, people are trained by society to hide their vulnerabilities. If we were more open about what we struggle with as individuals, we would feel a little less alone.
Our achilles heels make us who we are. By sharing our weaknesses we can learn from one another.
I say we break this societal pattern of hiding vulnerabilities.
What is your achilles heel?