Here’s an update with regard to the FreshDirect coupon situation. For those of you who haven’t been following this saga click here and then here for the complete back story.

Tracy, a customer service representative from FreshDirect, called me to follow up on my emails to FreshDirect.
She apologized that the mass email had been sent out by mistake to several customers. She said that I would most certainly receive the original coupon which would entitled me to the $20 free food and the free garlic lime rotisserie chicken.
I thanked her kindly. She also said that she would forward on an email that I composed to the CEO of FreshDirect.
Here is what I said:
Dear Mr. Braddock,

I have been a loyal customer of FreshDirect for over five years now. Recently I received a series of emails in which your company first offered a generous coupon and then quickly rescinded the offer.I was extremely put off by this communication, and contacted customer service to let them know how I felt.
Please see my blog posts regarding this matter here:

The second email I received was problematic. Karen, the head of customer service, told me that if I spent over $300, I would be entitled to the aforementioned coupon.

Karen is wrong. You offered me (and potentially hundreds of other customers) the coupon in the first place, and then your company realized it made a mistake and rescinded the offer. That is not my problem. Your customers should not have to pay for your corporate error. And offering free delivery as an apology is not a good solution. You should let customers have the original coupon you sent.

It is bad business to present an offer to customers and then revoke this same offer.

My blog has a steady following and receives over 2000/visitors per month. My readers are anxious to know what you will do with regard to this situation.

I look forward to hearing from you and resolving this matter.


Sarah Fader