My mom read my blog about my experience with Hain Celestial and was angered by the customer service that I received. She called the company’s 800 number and spoke to Patty, a supervisor at their company.

She informed Patty about her daughter’s poor customer service experience. She also told Patty about her daughter’s mom blog where Earth’s Best was mentioned positively several times.

My mom is a retired Public Relations professional who is ready to bring out her arsenal of marketing tricks at any moment. This moment was no exception. She told Patty that she was not only my proud mother, but she was also the editor of my blog.

Additionally, she informed Patty, that as a consumer of Earth’s Best and someone who speaks to the public, it would be wise to have me on their side.

Patty was taken aback by the public relations savvy Jewish mother she had on the phone. She had a moment of silence and then told my unphased mother that she would “report this situation to her director.” so it could be “resolved as quickly as possible.”

Thank you mom. I don’t know what I would do without you. You amaze me everyday with your crafty P.R. techniques.

So when you’re in a bind, call upon a Jewish mother to help you out. They always seem to know what to do in a moment of crisis.

Since my mom and dad are virtually in separable (unless my mom is on the phone being her P.R. self and my dad is watching with awe) I am including a picture of both of them. Liz Fader (my mom) is on the right.