I got on the Nothing Train. It had a sign but the sign was blank. It was a blank yellow sign that didn’t even flash. Still I got on because it was there. I stepped one sneaker after the other onto the train car. I was wearing my white converse that day. It was a Wednesday and I had nowhere to be so I got on the Nothing Train to headed to Nowhere.

I sat down in the first red seat I saw. An elderly man wearing a black fedora was sitting in the seat beside me – it was a green seat.

The seats on the Nothing Train were red, green, red, green, red, green.

Stop, go, stop go.

The Nothing Train closed its doors and prepared to leave the station. I knew deep down inside that this train wasn’t going where I needed to go. But I didn’t care, because I needed to get out of where I was. The station was dirty and it was dark outside. I knew there was no way I was going to survive if I stayed there any longer. I didn’t have any food left and the pigeons were starting to look at me funny. There were a lot of pigeons at this station.

So I sat on the train and waited.

To be continued…