Pretty Litter Giveaway #LoveYourPetDay

I hate changing the cat litter. it's the worst. But, now I'm actually excited to scoop it because...I got Pretty Litter! I have to admit, I've been eyeing Pretty Litter since Facebook keeps suggesting it in sponsored ads. It was so cool-looking! It's, well...pretty! Look it at!!! Not only is Pretty litter beautiful to look [...]

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You’re not on vacation

At first, I thought you were on vacation. It didn't seem real, and for three months, I waited for a phone call or for you to spontaneously return from wherever you went. As time passed on, I realized that you weren't coming back. It's weird because I saw you die. I knew you were gone. [...]

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Anxiety State – A @FerrisBuilt Giveaway

Everyone who knows me well understands that I am anxious. I live with a chronic anxiety disorder. Now, we are in the midst of a pandemic, which means that my anxiety is even higher than it normally is, but I am not alone. We are all in a sort of anxiety state. COVID-19 has been [...]

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I’m scared

I'm scared. Anxiety is paralyzing. I feel like no matter what I do; it's the wrong thing. Being judged is scary. Being me is frightening. It's like I can't think straight. I'm scared of being scared. I feel like I'm naked, standing in front of hundreds of people, and they are picking apart what they [...]

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And now a word from our old school sponsor: Pad Your Retirement with a Reverse Mortgage

And now...a word from our dope sponsor! Let me say this: I am getting old. I feel more connected to the “old school” part of my blog. I have been thinking about house-buying, and retirement. What the hell is happening to me? Anyway, here’s some sound advise on reverse mortgages. Maybe I will try one. [...]

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Therapy Shaming in Couples Counseling

Therapy Shaming Is it too early to get couples counseling? No. Couples counseling isn’t just for people who have been together for years and years. You can go into counseling when you’re having problems with your partner within a period of months. It depends on the relationship, and there’s no right answer as to when [...]

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