Once upon a time, my best friend found a psychic on Fiverr. Her name was Sheila, and she was able to locate my friend’s yoga pants that had been missing for two years. Well, that was enough to convince me. I hired Sheila to do a reading for me. She was on point with that psychic reading. From that moment on, Sheila was my g0-to for delving into the future, my love life, and whatever else I needed to know.

I started thinking…

I have paid Sheila a lot of money to tell me about my future. Five dollars here, five dollars there. I could be making this money too.

I sat there wondering what I could do to earn $5.00. I (too) wanted to become a Fiverr superstar like Sheila the psychic who had over 1000 positive reviews. So I thought and thought. Then it occurred to me, I love reading people’s astrological charts. I have done this for my friends and people I’ve met at parties. Not like I have time to go to parties these days being a single mom of two and all. But I digress, I decided to post a Fiverr gig offering to do people’s charts. Why the hell not?

So, I did it. Sheila, the psychic, would be proud. I became a five dollar astrologer.

Now, I am happily reading people’s charts on Fiverr. I’ve made a handful of money and I can possibly buy pizza.

Oh, and if you want me to do your astrological chart click here!