Today was my last day covering Story Time at the library. Ari was feeling a little better this morning, so I asked him if he was up to going to Story Time. He “Yes!” enthusiastically. The pediatrician said since he is on antibiotics, he is not contagious.

So off we went. On the way out the door we ran into my dad. He asked if I wanted help with Story Time and I said “Yes!” enthusiastically.
When I got to the library, Samara was cranky. Thankfully, she fell asleep in the moby wrap as I was walking around looking for books to read to the kids.
We had a lot of fun as usual.
Toward the end of Story Time Ari got tired.
Those are not his boots, FYI.

I am a poor multi-tasker, so his exhaustion resulted in this:

In addition to being exhausted, he was upset because a little girl hit him. He responded by hitting her back. Then he started to cry. Kids are weird.
Here are the books we chose:
Ari selected this one:
The librarian is back next Monday, so I’m off the hook. But, I have to say it was a lot of fun. I think my parents had fun too.
So…what’s your favorite children’s book?