Liz At The Library

Last week my dad helped me lead Story Time while the librarian is on vacation for three weeks. This week, my mom helped me read and sing to 0-4 year olds. She is a former ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher for elementary school children, and also has a public relations background. Essentially she's [...]

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This Would Only Happen To Me

Ari and I went to the library for story time yesterday. As soon as we entered the children's room, I made eye contact with the children's librarian, and I knew something was wrong. "I have to sit at the desk, can you do story time today?" She pleaded with me. "Uh...okay..." I said. I was [...]

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Save The Library!

Yesterday, my mom friend and I took our kids to Story Time at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza. My favorite librarian was there facilitating the program. She let the kids play for 30 minutes and then she read us three stories. Our kids listened eagerly and attentively. After the program was over [...]

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Free to Be You and Me at The Library

I almost fell into the trap myself; paying for activites to do with my son. When he was an infant, I was still pretty isolated. I didn't yet have the playgroup to hang out with and no real mom friends. So I when I would see local advertisements for Baby Yoga, $10/class I would start [...]

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