Being a city girl, I am relatively ignorant with regard to what the stores of suburbia have to offer. On my journey to Texas, I have been introduced to Walmart.

It was love at first sight. Walmart is truly a super store. I believe Walmart to be a combination grocery, clothing, electronics and everything you could ever imagine store.

Here are my purchases from today:

Robe: $15 – On sale from $18


p align=”center”>Multi Car Set- $3.97

Hanes Body Creations- Underwear $9.00
Hanes Low Rise Briefs: $5.50
No Nonsense Socks $6.00

Tee Shirt- $5.00

P.Js- $4.00

Vasserette Bra- $10

Fruit of the Loom Bras- 2 pack – $5.00
Danskin Long John Shirt- $8.00

And one of my favorite shirts of all time:


p align=”center”>
Ocean Pacific Hoody – $12

When I return to Brooklyn I will be sad because I won’t be able to afford anything.

When you visit suburbia go to Walmart and be happy. If you live in suburbia, thank whatever deity you believe in for Walmart.