When my son turned nine months I started introducing what they call “finger foods.” That is to say foods that babies can pick up with their fingers. My friend (and mother of three) Alana informed me that Cherrios were the perfect first finger food. When I was over at her house with my son we plopped him in a high chair with a bunch of Cheerios and waited to see what he would do.

At first he just pushed them around and played with them. After a while he realized that he could pick them up. And then eventually he grabbed a Cheerio, shoved it in his mouth and ate it. Alana and I cheered. He was thoroughly encouraged and began eating more and more Cheerios.

The love affair had begun.

At 11 months he is still obsessed with Cheerios.

  • They are a source of nutrition
  • They also serve as a form of entertainment when he throws them on the floor and laughs
  • Not only does he eat them, but when he is finished with them, he starts feeding them to me as well
  • When he is in his car seat for a long ride being fed Cheerios makes him feel at ease.

I actually wrote to Cheerios to tell them how much my son loves them. I have yet to hear back but will keep you posted.