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I was a hypervigilant child

From the time I was ten years old, I walked home by myself from school. My apartment was only half a mile from my school, yet the entire way home I was scared that something would happen to me. What if somebody attacked me? I didn’t have an actual reason why I'd be attacked. Yes, [...]

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When Things Weren’t Real

When Things Weren’t Real When I was in my senior year of NYU I took 22 credits. I almost had a nervous break down. I was under so much stress I could not think straight. I remember that it’s being up until 3 AM finishing papers, and my stomach was hurting me. I remember running [...]

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My Therapist Seemed Like A Friend

I once had a therapist who I related to as if I'd known her for a long time. It wasn't an ideal situation because I started to treat her like a friend. I couldn't figure out why I thought of her in a friendly way. Then I realized what was happening here. I was experiencing [...]

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I Work on Relationship Goals in Individual Therapy

I'm talking about myself  When you go to therapy, usually you talk about yourself. You're more likely to work on your personal goals in individual therapy rather than problems with your partner. I've been thinking about whether or not you can improve your relationship by talking about it with your therapist. I talk about a [...]

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I’m a Neurotic Jew

I am a Jewish woman and I am neurotic. I was raised in New York City, which makes me even more neurotic. I’m a worrier. I’m always concerned about what could happen and I frequently engage and catastrophizing. I worry so much that I could get a medal. My anxiety is next level.  There are [...]

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Compulsions Can Be Dangerous

Compulsive behavior is disruptive but there's more... Compulsions are not as benign as you might think, or as I thought. I live with OCD which means that I have ruminating thoughts. I struggle with checking to see if my keys and my wallet in my bag over and over again. It takes a toll on [...]

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Listen to me, and I’ll listen to you

Listen to Me When I'm feeling emotional, all I want is for people to listen to me. It's upsetting when  I express my feelings, and the person on the other end doesn't respond; it hurts. The more I feel they're ignoring me, the louder I get. I feel like I’m screaming my emotions, not literally [...]

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