If depression could speak it would say hurtful things.
It would tear you down with words. When you tried to interrupt depression it wouldn’t let you because it would overpower the conversation.
Depression would talk to you until it realized what your Achilles’ heel was. Depression’s voice would be low and intimidating.
If you took stock in what depression said you could come up with depression quotes. That’s the thing about depression; it has a sense of grandiosity. It believes that its better than you, but it’s totally not. It overcompensates for its insecurities by standing up taller than you. It talks down to you, making you believe that you are a terrible person. Depression tells you lies about yourself and wants you to believe those lies at face value. Look in the mirror and ask yourself “is depression right? Do these statements have any truth to them?” They don’t, and they probably make you feel angry.

It’s all right to be angry with depression because depression is a thoughtless insensitive entity that pretends to know you. It pokes at your soft vulnerable underbelly and makes you question what is real and true. When you find yourself in the fetal position on your bed crying your face off, remember that depression wants you to do that. Remember that you have hands that make fists and you can fight this seemingly forceful entity.

Depression has vulnerabilities too. Catch it in a lie and call it on that lie. It will cower in the corner of the room and feel the shame that you feel. I promise you that once you start to ignore its deep low voice, you’ll realize that depression is someone else’s problem, not yours. Though I don’t wish depression on anyone, because it’s mean and cruel, someone else will learn to fight the way you have. When it peeks its head out from the corner, tell it to fuck off.

When it peeks its head out from the corner, tell it to fuck off.
I’m sure depression has a lot to add in about your life. It has unhelpful and judgmental unsolicited advice. It wants to tell you that you can’t do things. It tells you to give up. Depression doesn’t give a shit about you. Depression is selfish and it dominates a room. When you try to leave the room depression casts a black cloud with gray smoke.

Yes, depression is intimidating and it makes you feel small and less than. But remember that depression doesn’t really know you. It knows your weaknesses but it doesn’t know your strengths. It looks that you laying on the couch and it points out your flaws but it doesn’t see the beautiful parts of you.


Look at depression in the eyes no matter how hard it tries to run away from you and tell it you’re not interested in what it has to say. I wouldn’t bother explaining anything to depression, because it doesn’t give a shit about your feelings.

You have control over whether or not you listen to what depression is telling you. Just because depression wants to tear you down and make you feel paralyzed doesn’t mean you need to obey it. You don’t have to internalize what depression thinks of you, because you are strong, powerful and you know who you are.