I have always been a dog person, well an animal person who preferred dogs. I’ve had them almost my entire life, except for a period of 4 years, which felt empty and we tried filling that void with all sorts of pets. The one that never entered into my life though were cats. They always seemed rather aloof to me. Not my type of monster to keep. Besides, I was allergic to them.

Enter Evil Empress Luma. A spitball of personality and energy, plus plenty of sass. I have found my best friend.

This girl has been with me since she was 13 weeks old. The little daredevil. The second night, after putting her in her playpen and trying to go to sleep, I suddenly felt something on me. She managed to climb out and snuggle into my neck to sleep, and there she has stayed ever since, massaging and purring me to sleep each night.

She has taught me there is someone that always someone that cares. Suffering from depression, I go through lows that I hide from people, where I will cry uncontrollably when I’m alone, or think I’m alone. I forget that someone is there. She will jump into my lap, rub her cheek on my face, purring and talking, and sometimes, the little imp will pat my face. It’s almost as if she’s saying “There there. There there”. She also knows whenever I’m upset and will lay on my chest purring whilst rubbing her cheek on me again. She knows me better than I know me at times.


She is a sassy girl. She lets you know what she wants. If she is upset with anything, you will know about it. She is a talker, and is always communicating whether for good or evil. And yes, she will model for you whether to show you her diva walk, or her big red bow. God forbid if you remove the bow from her for you will get an earful from her.

She is not a cat, or so she tells you at times. She believes she is a rabbit. Yes, a rabbit. I had my rabbits before she came into my life. She met them, and my baby girl was shown who was boss. Lola, the rabbit won, and became the dominant one. Luma has followed her around, snuggled with her, and even eats her food. I had given them their lettuce one day and sitting on the couch. The next thing I know, Ms. Luma is running out of the room with the rabbits in it carrying lettuce with her. Then proceeded to eat the lettuce. She also eats any other fruits or veggies you will let her. And do not refuse her water infused with Lemon. She will seek it out and drink it, refusing her water bowl.


She loves all her siblings, though I know she resents the attention they take from her from time to time. She has 6 siblings, 2 of which are currently living with us, and 4 she visits. She has 2 kittens, Saki and Kylo, that she live with, along with Lola and Puck, the rabbits, and Lily and Moxxi, the ferrets. She loves and plays with them all, protecting them all.

She loves the camera and hams it up all the time when she is in front of it. She has done this since a baby, and still does. She’s mommy’s best friend and little girl. I love her and all that she brings into my life. Evil Empress has shown me that life is better with her in it, and that she is there for me when times are rough and I need a smile, or someone to just be there when I need to cry out my frustrations and depressions.



Lindsay is a rather artsy, easy going, weird, and eccentric Geek girl who loves animals and is the mommy to 4 of them (2 rabbits, cat, and ferret). She considers herself a connoisseur of whiskey drinking and video game playing, as well as having the beginnings of a tattoo collection. Most days she is bumbling around with software and hardware, whilst at night she is a ninja munching on gummi bears and dancing to music. She enjoys blogging as a way of dealing with the aftermath of rape: PTSD, a miscarriage, abuse, depression, and a suicide attempt; as well as trying to find more Warriors to battle along side.

Lindsay can be found on her website, Facebook and Twitter