My foot is asleep. I am tired. I hope I’m not dying. I’m so tired that I’m convinced I have a terminal illness. When in reality, I’m probably just tired. I tried something new and I think it worked. Sometimes you don’t know until you try. I type slower than I think. If you lived inside my brain you would be stimulated constantly. I love chocolate. I need to make dinner. I want to cry but I feel constipated with tears. Are you interested in the way my mind works? I need to buy a pill box, but not like a Victorian one, like one at the 99 cent store. But I don’t know if they sell them there. I suppose they do. It’s too late to go outside. It’s depressing when it gets dark at 5:35pm in New York. I wish I had a P.O.Box. They seem cool. Except when you get packages. Then they would be annoying. Sentence fragments are cool.