I want to thank everybody for their feedback on my recent post about being a single mom in NYC. Because of your positivity, hope strength, and love I received three job offers within the course of 48 hours.
It goes to show you that reaching out for help works. Additionally, doing so in a public forum works.  I was afraid to be honest because I was afraid of being judged. I was afraid of being judged for my financial situation. But the reality is that we all struggle in various ways.
There is no shame in not knowing how to manage money. Learning how to deal with money is not an innate skill is learned. And unfortunately, I never learned it and now at 36 years old I need to learn.
One of my best friends, Ellen, recommended Suze Orman. I will be checking out her website and material to learn how to manage my money in a more responsible way.
Here is some insight for people like me who are struggling with learning to manage money. I want to highlight that just because you don’t know how to manage money does not mean that you are a bad person. Furthermore those individuals that know how to manage money are not better than you. It is simply a difference of having the skill and learning the skill.
If you’ve never learn how to ride a bike, don’t feel bad about it. It’s time to learn. You might fall on your face doing it but you’ll figure it out.
Another lesson I learned while writing this post is that you cannot please everyone.
There are people that did not like what I had to say in this article.
That is OK.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
I spoke my truth. I asked for help. and I received it.
I have two options:
1. I could stop writing candidly and honestly online, because I might upset someone. I have upset many people with my writing.
2. I could continue to be myself and write with honesty.
Truthfully, I struggle between these two options on a daily basis. However, just as the person who is upset, I have a right to my feelings.
I want to be true to myself and write how I feel. Most days I do that.
Some days I feel beaten-down.
Thank you again for your unconditional love and support.