Once upon a time I wrote a post called 3-Year-Olds are Assholes. It went viral on Huff Post Parents with over 380,000 shares on Facebook. Then I wrote a book under the same title, which Booktrope agreed to publish. It has illustrations by the amazing talented Shari Ryan.


After 3-Year-Olds are Assholes went viral, the award-winning author of Broken Pieces, Rachel Thompson, whom I adore, reached out to me with an idea. “Sarah, I want to write an article called Authors are Assholes. What do you think?” She said she would link back to 3-Year-Olds Are Assholes in the post.

What I thought was, that is a fucking genius idea!

“Go for it!’ I said.

So she went for it and it was hilarious! The Huffington Post published Authors Are Assholes and it went on to win a social media award.

Gabe Howard, my good friend and mental health advocate, asked me if he could write an article called “Mental Illness is An Asshole.”

Again, I thought: genius idea. Do it, Gabe. And he did it. It was amazing and Mental Illness is An Asshole got published by Elephant Journal.

Mia Fox, a friend of Rachel’s reached out to me with another asshole idea. She wanted to write an article called “Dogs Are Assholes.” Well of course I thought this was a great idea. I had her guest post on OS/NS Mom with it.

The truth is, everyone is an asshole sometimes. I am glad the idea of calling people and thing assholes is spreading. The assholes are spreading. I embrace this generation of assholes and I welcome you to categorize something in your life as an asshole if it gives you a sense of catharsis.