I was on Facebook on day perusing the names of my blogging friends. It occurred to me that many of them use aliases online. I am not one to use a pen name. My name is Sarah Fader and that’s that…until it wasn’t.

One day, I thought, it would be amusing to change my name on Facebook to an alias. I posted this status:

fake names


So I went under settings and I changed my name to “Phayder Fader.” It was just for fun. I thought I could change it back in a couple of days. Little did I know that I would be stuck with this moniker for 60 days.


Wow, okay…that seems a bit extreme. I mean, 60 days? Come on, Facebook. Had I known your policy, I wouldn’t have bothered changing my name as a joke. This is overkill.

So I decided, like the ambitious Jewish single mother that I am, I would go directly to the Facebook corporate office and take care of this matter in person. That might sound a bit extremist, however, when I attempted to email Facebook about this name change situation, there was no point of contact. So I did what I felt I needed to do to accomplish my goal.

I hopped on the train to 770 Broadway in Manhattan and asked the front desk of the building what floor I should go to for Facebook corporate.

I rode the elevator up and was greeted by two very lovely receptionists. Mr. Sanchez was particularly kind. Though he was unable to help me change my name back, he offered me some chocolate at the front desk and gave me a form to fill out to fax over to the California office. He was also quite impressed with my ability to come to the Facebook office without an appointment, which is required. I had no idea.

Mr. Sanchez even took a picture of me because he is kind like that.


In closing I’d like to say this: please help me to change my name back. I am a professional writer. I blog for Psychology Today and The Huffington Post. I need to be Sarah Fader again.

Thank you.


Sarah Fader aka Phayder Fader

P.S. Here is a video: