My kids are in a circus themed day camp for the next two weeks starting today. I am excited for them because they’re going to have a blast.

I was dreading the tasks I had to do today. In order to apply for non-profit status with Stigma Fighters there was a ton of paperwork I had to fill out. The worst part: it involved math. I didn’t want to do it. But I knew that if I avoided it, that wouldn’t get me closer to my goal of owning a non-profit. So I took a deep breath and my mom and I sat down together and we looked at the forms.

I had a moment with myself.

At that second I could have run away.

It all seemed so hard.

So overwhelming.

But I told myself: yes. Yes you can. You can do this. Just start. Just do it. Pick up the pen and start with one box on that form. And with that, I grabbed the ballpoint pen and I began writing. At first it was like pushing myself through mud. It was uncomfortable and I felt a tremendous amount of resistance. It felt gross to stay in one place and do math. But I kept walking through that mud. I kept writing. Just do it. I thought. You can do this. You got this. 

My mom tackled the math and I wrote the numbers down.

Once I began filling out the forms it wasn’t so bad. It was the initial anxiety of beginning them that had me stumped and stuck in one place. But together we accomplished a goal. In 45 minutes, we filled out the budget for a 501C3.

Just do it is my new mantra. If I don’t feel like doing something, but I know (in actuality it will be beneficial to my life) I am going to push through that anxiety and JUST DO IT!