It’s Mother’s Day and every time this year, naturally, I think about the amazing woman who gave birth to me: Liz Fader. Liz Fader is a lot of things. She is a retired public relations executive, a writer, a hustler (in the Jewish mother sense of the word – I never had to worry about hearing “no” from large companies because my mother was and is the most tenacious woman that I know), and at her core Liz Fader is an empathic person.

I have never met anyone in my entire life who could see and understand another person’s story like my mother. She is easily able to place herself in another human being’s shoes and feel for them. It is a remarkable quality. I modeled after her and I became an empathic person because of who my mother is.

My mom loves to help people. If she sees a way that she can help you, she will stop literally anything she is doing in order to help you. If you needed a pencil and she had only one pencil left, she would give you her pencil without a question.

In a world where empathetic people are few and far between I see my mother as a gift. She will always understand who I am and what I stand for. She gets my need to help others because she is a helper herself.

Empathy is such an important quality in a person. My mother is the epitome of empathy. She has taught me to be patient and empathetic with my children and to love myself.

I love you so much mommy.

Happy Mother’s Day.
Love Saree