I think I may have the most stubborn child alive. 

As we were walking to school this morning, Ari decided that he was “too tired to walk” and he “didn’t want to
hold my hand.”
Meanwhile, we managed to pass at least 10 children on the way to school who were willingly holding their mother’s hands.
“Okay,” I said sighing “You can walk by yourself.”
I reluctantly let go of his hand (I say reluctantly because he walks slower when he’s not holding my hand and we were already running late) and he began to climb on the gate of a brownstone we were passing.
“Ari!” I shouted “This is not play time! We are late for school! If you don’t hold my hand we can’t go on the ride after school!” 
I promised him if he listened to me he was allowed to ride one of those quarter run car machine toy things that was outside of a toy store we’d passed.
“I’m too tired to walk fast! I don’t wanna hold your hand! My arms and legs hurt! I don’t wanna walk!” He screamed
“Ari,” I began “The reason you’re tired is because you refused to go to sleep last night.”
I put Ari to bed at 9:30pm and he didn’t fall asleep until 10:45pm. We woke up the next morning at 7:20am.
“No! I’m not tired! They hurt because my backpack is heavy!”
“Ari, you’re a very smart boy, but you don’t know everything.” I said. Then he exploded. 
“I know everything! I know everything! I KNOW EVERYTHING!”
Then I lost it.
“I am 33 years old! I am the adult. You are five!” I was really telling myself this but I was directing it at him.
“I’m an adult!” He screamed “I know everything!”
He continued to repeat this the entire way to school. When got to school and one of the teachers holding the door for us looked concerned.
“We’re having a rough morning.” I said with a forced smile.
We got upstairs and I led Ari to his Kindergarten class. He instantly stopped crying and ran to the table to build with Magna-Tiles.
He knows everything.