Today, the kids, my mom and I jumped in the Fadermobile and headed up to Yonkers to visit the Legoland Discovery Center!

It was all my mom’s idea. A couple of weeks ago she said “You know Saree,” (yes I’m 33 and she still calls me that. What?) “They just opened a Legoland in Westchester. You should write to them and see if they want you to feature it on your blog.”

She’s such a Jewish mother. So I wrote to Legoland and low and behold, Legoland wrote me back. Gladwyn ( in the marketing department) said that Legoland would be delighted to provide me with press passes to visit the Legoland Discovery Center.

So off we went!

Legoland was loads of fun. When you first enter, you learn about how legos are made and kids get to create their own computerized lego creatures.

We also went on a Lego ride where we got to shoot Lego skeletons, warriors and bats! 
Samara made a Lego person friend. He rides a bicycle.
Ari made some cool Lego creations…
And he raced his Lego cars on the racetrack!
We saw the Lego version of New York City:
It was a hot day so eventually Samara ended up like this:

And Ari got a Lego Firetruck courtesy of grandma! 
Legoland is located in a shopping center. So after Samara decided to shed her clothes, we hit up Old Navy and got her a new outfit. Also, there’s a pretty fountain. Look at it:
If you have kids and live in NYC, check out the Legoland Discovery Center. It’s rad.