My friend, Zachary Pryor is an amazing handmade jewelry designer. Here he is pictured with the lovely Dara Finkel!

You may remember him from this Vintage Key Necklace giveaway I did on my blog a few months ago.

When Zachary asked if I wanted to host a jewelry party for him, I said:

Then I panicked and thought, how am I going to organize this? What kind of food should I buy? What will people drink?

I consulted the amazing Dara Finkel who coached me through what I needed to do:
“The most important thing is that people have somewhere to sit. Oh, and make sure you cover the couches with something because they have stains.”
Chairs? Check!
Sheets to cover the couches? Got that!

I decided that it would be fun and “adult” of me to throw a “wine and cheese party.” Even though I don’t really drink, I do like cheese.

So I went to Trader Joe’s and bought out the cheese section along with 23423234 types of crackers. After which,  I went to the Trader Joe’s Wine Store and bought 72349800982340 kinds of wine.

The morning of the party, I cleaned my house!

The kids even helped set up!

Then my babysitter came and took the kids to the Moxie Spot (an indoor play space) because she’s awesome. Yay for Abby!

Then there was a party!

Even Egreck got in on the action!
Adriana, I wish there was a picture of us together! Let’s pretend there is one here.
On a side note, Zachary is going to design custom collars for Simon and Egreck! 
Ladies, thank you so much for coming! Zachary, I love my necklace! Thank you for bringing your art to us.