It was Saturday afternoon. I was having a party the next day. The house looked like a bomb hit it.

“What am I gonna do? I have to cancel the party!” I panicked to Wil.

Wil stood up, took out a notebook and handed me a pencil with it.

“What is this? Why are you giving me this?” I asked him, still in panic mode.

“Just trust me.” He replied un-phased
by my panic. “Write your signature with
your right hand as many times as you can until I say stop.”

I wrote furiously.
“Stop! Now write your signature with your left hand until I say stop. Go!”

I wrote, but it was harder.

“Stop! How many times did you write it with your right hand?”

“Four times.” I replied

“And how many times with your left?”
“Two and a half.” I said puzzled.
“But you still did it right it?”

I paused for a moment.

The next day I cleaned the shit out of
my house.