I made a grocery list.

I never make lists. But this time, I made one.

Ari and Samara held hands when we walked down the street on the way to Trader Joe’s, because I bribed them with cookies. But still, they did it.

When we got home, I asked Ari to help me put the groceries away to which he replied:

But then I said, if he helped me, after he ate lunch he could have MORE cookies. So he put 50 percent of the groceries away.

After we ate lunch he washed all the dishes (with assistance from me)  in the hopes of getting more cookies. Samara got up on chair and splashed hot soapy water all over his shirt and mine in an attempt to “help.”

It turns out, she had consumed enough cookies and it was time for her to nap. She screamed in protest all the 12 feet from the kitchen to her crib “I want that!”

I just ate three Trader Joe’s Oreo imitation cookies. They were really good. I would do the dishes for them.