I’m used to having strange ailments, but this one belongs at the top of the list of “Weird things that have happened to me.”

Yesterday the kids had already eaten dinner, so I made myself an exotic dinner consisting of catfish and mushrooms with soy sauce, canola oil and garlic. I thought I was so creative.
Later that evening, I noticed a strange rash on my stomach. A while later, the rash spread to my neck. 
I ignored the rash, thinking it was just a reaction to a new laundry detergent. 
However, the next day the rash had spread to my legs and back. 
Naturally, I did what you should NOT do under any circumstances; I consulted the internet. The internet thought it might be scabies, or perhaps shingles. Either way, it wasn’t looking good for me.
I even had my soul sister Donna researching what on earth this rash could be. I was texting her pictures like this one:
I thought I’d better make an appointment to see my dermatologist. 
Today, I went to the dermatologist. My mom came along for moral support.
The medical assistant asked me a series of questions. One of them was: 
Did you eat anything unusual?

Well, I had some shiitake mushrooms. I’ve never eaten those before.
My dermatologist entered the room, took one look at my rash and smiled.
“This is a classic textbook case of flagellate dermatitis! It’s incredibly rare and it’s only caused by two things, one of them is shiitake mushrooms! Would you mind if I took some pictures of your rash for teaching purposes?”
“Go for it!” I said without hesitation. 
 “I almost want to quiz my residents to see if they know what this is.” She said with a smirk.
“Why not? Send them in!” I proclaimed.
So the residents piled into the exam room asking me questions to try to figure out what caused the rash.
*This picture was taken by Elizabeth Fader while she was laughing hysterically and saying “only you!”

Here’s what they were looking at up close:

Well, that was fun! If I see a shiitake mushroom in a dark alley, I’m running the other direction.