I’m scared of change. Anything that’s new freaks me out. However, today I’m making a big change.
I’ve struggled with anxiety all my life. I’ve been on and off of anti-depressants. Lately, I’ve been really working on myself in therapy trying to figure out what triggers my anxiety.
I had an epiphany yesterday. I went to my favorite bakery and had a coffee and a slice of cake. After eating the cake, I felt anxious, strange in my own skin.
I called my friend amazing friend, Donna, and told her about this feeling.
“You know, ” she said “Sugar can make your anxiety worse.”
That had never occurred to me before. I always assumed my anxiety was internal, and there wasn’t anything that I could do externally to control it. Then I thought about it, and she was absolutely right.
Whenever I’ve been in a particularly anxious state, I want nothing to do with sugar. All I want to eat are bananas, actually. Bananas are definitely my comfort food.
So, I’ve decided to cut out processed sugar from my diet.

This is going to be a real challenge since I love cookies, and sugar is kind of my favorite unofficial food group.

But I figure, my mental health is way more important than cookies. It’s time to punch anxiety in the balls.

Wish me luck!