1. Many of the Park Slope moms carry business cards.
2. On chance that you’ve forgotten baby sunscreen, somebody can hook you up with some.
3. Second children appear to be more laid back than first-borns.
4. If there is a sandbox around, someone is probably doing one of the following a) eating sand; b) throwing sand; c) stealing someone else’s sand toy.
5. When you’re two-three years old, “waiting your turn” is optional.
6. If you have a baby, someone wants to hold him/her and mentions how they want another baby.
7. There appear to be two types of playground moms a) Those that discipline their kids; b) Those who ignore their kids and let them beat the crap out of other kids.
8. Nannies/Babysitters want to make a point that the kid they’re watching isn’t biologically theirs, however moms want to make the point that the kid they are watching is biologically theirs.
9. The way to exit the playground the most gracefully is through bribery.
What have you learned on the playground?