A couple of months ago, my friend Barbara introduced me to an awesome indoor play space and gymnastics center in Park Slope, Brooklyn called Power Play. Since that time, Ari and I have been back to Power Play for a gymnastics class, and Power Play agreed to be one of my blog sponsors, which I’m thrilled about. It means I’m going to be covering events happening at Power Play, and giving you all the inside scoop about what’s happening there.

We had the opportunity to have Ari’s 3rd birthday party at Power Play, and I was so excited. Initially, I was nervous, because the party started at 1:30pm on Saturday, and he generally naps around that time. He was cranky when we arrived, and kept asking for cupcakes. I realized that the constant asking for cupcakes had more to do with the fact that he was hungry for lunch. His mood turned around when he ate a bagel with Grandpa and he started to play!

Ari and Nelson bouncing around!

Ari wasn’t the only one getting in on the action. His cousin Francesca tried out the zip line. Look at her go!

Even the adults were having fun. Check out my friend Cordy bouncing in the bounce house with her daughter Lyla, age 2.

Here’s Wil bouncing too!

My brother, Jonathan, and my mom, Liz, chilling in the ball pit!

The kids hung out in indoor play space area too, which looks like this:

Of course, Ari spent some quality time in his favorite spot, the sand box!

After all the playing, it was time for bagels for the adults, pizza for the kids and cupcakes for all! YAY!

The party seemed to go by really quickly. I think it was because not only was Ari having fun, but so was I! Also, I didn’t have to clean up! And that, in itself, was worth it for me.

So, what did you do for your child’s latest birthday? I want to hear!