After six years, and two beautiful children together, on May 22nd, 2011, Wilhelm and I got married.

One of the special parts of the ceremony, to me, was that our children got to see us get married.

Ari looks really silly in this picture, but I think he was intrigued by what was going on.

Ari was three years old when he saw us get married. It’s quite possible that he will have some memories from this day. It will be interesting to see what he remembers about our marriage, if anything.

Samara was only four months old, so she won’t have concrete memories; however, when she gets older, she’ll see pictures of herself at our wedding.
Samara with Grandma
I wonder what Ari will think when he gets older; what he will remember.
I wonder what Samara will think when she gets older, what she will observe in pictures.
What will my children remember from this very important day?