This morning I woke up to Ari shaking me vigorously.

“Mommy!” He said “I went poop!”
“Okay…” I said in a very sleep deprived state. I wasn’t sure what the urgent state of affairs was.

Then I rolled over in bed saw saw that he had removed his diaper and pooped on the floor. I have to say that this was not the way I would have chosen to wake up.

I hazily tried to collect my thoughts.
“Uh…that’s okay. But next time, tell me before you have to poop so you can go to the potty.” I countered back.

“No.” He said in a matter of fact way. With that he ran down the hall naked from the waist down. When I finally caught him, I gave him a bath, diapered him and went on with my day.

When we came back from grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, we had lunch, and then, according to the schedule, it was quiet time. When I announced that it was quiet time, he announced back at me:
“I have to pee! I wanna go on the potty.”

I presumed this was just an attempt to avoid napping, but I acquiesced and put him on the toilet. I gave him some privacy and five minutes later he said:
“I peed!”
“Good job bud!”
I looked in the potty and he had actually pooped!

I went wild with praise. I told him he was awesome, and he grinned from ear to ear.

After he got off the potty he said:
“Okay, quiet time!”
I wanted to say “Excuse me? Are you my son? The same person who once hated anything to do with the toilet and avoided naps like the black plague?”

Instead I said:
“Yes! quiet time!”

He’s asleep now, and so is Samara.

I guess I need to go buy underwear for him. What do I do next?