Everybody is asleep right now, and I’d just like to take a moment to admit that I’m freaking out.

I keep thinking things like:
“Is this real?”
“Do I really have two small creatures that are solely dependent on me?”
“Who put me in charge here?”
“It’s an elaborate joke, right?”

First of all, it’s a miracle that everyone is asleep at the same time, and by everyone, I mean, Ari, Wil and Samara.

Here are the highlights from today so far:

  • Samara has a cold, again.
  • Ari wants to go outside and it’s like Antarctica out there
  • We running dangerously low on baby wipes
  • So far Ari asked for Pancakes, but only ate 1 % of a pancake I made, instead he opted for Goldfish, Cheerios, and 1/16 of a Stonyfield Farm smoothie.

I’m afraid for everyone to wake up because then it means:
1. Everything is real.
2. I have to tend to everyone but myself, and I’m officially overwhelmed.

The hardest part of this whole situation is nursing. Ari sees that I’m busy with Samara and instantly wants attention. I explain to him that I have to feed the baby, but he is unrelenting.

Well, I’d better go before they all wake up.

It’s going to get easier right?