As much as my first born would like to deny it, he loves routine. With the addition of his little sister to our family, any semblance of routine we once had has gone completely out the window. My brilliant friend, and early childhood educator, Ubaldina (Ubie for short) suggested creating a daily schedule for Ari. That way he’d know what to expect next at any given point during the day. I took out my writing utensils and got to work. Ari seemed pleased with the final product.

So far it has really made a difference in the quality of our day. We both know what to expect next.

When it came time to go to the library, Ari was so excited, he protested less than usual when I put on his winter coat.

As long as I allowed him to take his fire truck to the library (pictured above) he agreed to wear his coat. Samara had a harder time getting ready.

Babies I tell you, they are so lazy.

We made it to the library. Unfortunately, I was unable to document our library experience since I was carrying a baby on my chest, and chasing after Ari for two hours straight.

We made it home for lunch and quiet time.

Samara can’t read the schedule, so she doesn’t know that she’s supposed to be asleep right now. What a baby!

Do you have a schedule for your kids or do you go with the flow?