This morning I met my friend Jenn and her baby Jonathan who is only six weeks old. When they arrived, I was thought I was ready to face the day. Until I realized that there was something wrong with my pants. I couldn’t seem to fit my cell phone the back pocket. Then I looked down and found this to be the case:

Pregnancy brain has struck again. I made Jenn take this picture to document how much I’ve lost it. I cannot believe I actually put my pants on backwards.

After I corrected my dressing mistake, we headed out to get Ari a haircut. I needed to fix my “mom cut” before Mint’s impending nuptials. Needless to say, Ari was displeased with the whole process of getting his hair trimmed, but here are the results.

Ari standing with Jenn and Jonathan at the barber shop

Ari complaining about his haircut

After the haircut was over, we went out for pizza and got to admire sweet little Jonathan and his mama. I forgot how small and cute babies are at six weeks!

When all the humans were all fed, we bought some cat food, which my cats were grateful for later, and headed to the playground to catch the last moments of sun.

All at once around 50 elementary school children piled into the playground like barbarians. Ari was caught in the middle of this mess. A kind soul, a girl maybe around seven or eight years old, actually handed him to me through the cross fire.

Once Ari was collected, we headed back to my apartment and Wil met and snuggled with little Jonathan. I joked that he needed to practice with baby #2 on the way!

All in all it was a fun day! Except for my pants rebelling against me. So tell me, have you ever put your clothes on backwards, or is it just me?