I’ve heard of the “terrible two’s.” but what is happening in this apartment is beyond that. I’m sure many parents have the same thought about their 2 year olds. Maybe it’s just my low frustration tolerance, but Ari is making me want to scream and literally pull my hair out of my head one strand at a time.

I heard somewhere that nature/biology makes children intentionally cute so you don’t kill them. It makes so much sense. Ari behaves like a maniac. He screams because I won’t let him watch TV, eat off of the floor, pour juice on the cat’s head and other fun activities that benefit him, not me. And just as I’m on the verge of loosing it, he flashes the biggest cutest smile. How’s that for an extremely frustrating situation?

Needless to say, I’m loosing my mind. I feel like I’m living with an irrational mental patient. But in reality, he’s just a 2 year old. His mood swings are so pronounced and erratic. I thought I was a moody person, well clearly he’s trumped me in this department.

By the end of the day, I can’t wait until he goes to sleep so I can have a break from the screaming and the crying. I feel so guilty. I want to enjoy spending time with him, but it’s hard when he’s screaming half the time and crying the other half.

Oh the joys of motherhood? When does this phase end? At three? Help!