Since Jason Mayo’s children’s book, Do Witches Make Fishes, came out I’ve wanted to read it.

The book is about a boy who rejects his mother’s healthy meals for junk food. His penchant for unhealthy snacks sends him on a mystical journey (involving a witch naturally) and forces him to confront his questionable eating habits.

One of the things that attracted me to this particular book is that the profits from the sale of Do Witches Make Fishes go to the Garden of Dreams charity, a non-profit charity that provides kids in crisis with access to events and activities at Madison Square Garden.

Jason was kind enough to let us pick up a copy of the book at his office today. He will be doing a reading of Do Witches Make Fishes at my school soon, so I wanted to grab it and familiarize myself with the material before the reading.

Ari and I jumped in the car and headed to Manhattan!

Though he appears discontented in this picture, he was merely concerned that I might steal his “Yo Gabba Gabba” library book from him mid-ride.

We arrived in Manhattan and drove around for a long time until we found parking. Truthfully, I was glad we didn’t find parking instantly, because I was hoping to prolong this situation:

He conveniently fell asleep right after we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge.

We arrived at Jason’s office. Jason and I talked about writing, kids, carrot sticks, the fact that his house is filled with Sagittariuses, Scary Mommy and other random things.

Ari and Jason got to know each other too.

Jason sent Ari home with this:

This made Ari very happy.

All of a sudden I realized that Ari’s previous fears about his Yo Gabba Gabba library book in the car were not unfounded. Upon arriving home, it was discovered that I left his Yo Gabba Gabba library book at Jason’s office! But, he didn’t seem to care because…

He found a new book to read!

For more information on Do Witches Make Fishes and the Garden of Dreams charity, click on the cover below!