Today I got upset. I can’t disclose the details of why I got upset, because they reveal events to come. But I was so upset that I started bawling. Wil got the brunt of this “upset-ness” because he was there.

I happen to still be at his family’s house, so I was lying there in his sister’s bed crying. I called Mint. It went straight to voicemail. I called my dad.

My dad was the rational brain I needed, since (at the moment) I have no brain. The fetus is sucking all life from me.

He calmed me down. I laughed. I hung up. After I was done talking to my dad on the phone, Wil’s sister continued to calm me down in person.

Then it occurred to me, that my hormones had taken over. I had legitimate things to be upset about, but the level of upset that I got was disproportionate. It was then that I knew, It must be my hormones!

When us women-folk get our periods, it lasts for approximately five days, and then we become human again. Pregnancy (on the other hand) is like a nine month long period equipped with erratic and uncontrollable mood swings.

So, I would like to address my hormones for a moment:

Hormones, I have something to say…F$$$ you!

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