Ari is not the best sleeper these days, but one thing is for sure. I cannot get him to nap or go to sleep for the night without this book:

This is what I would consider an “old school” children’s book. Originally published in 1974, Cars and Trucks and Things That Go By Richard Scarry, was one of my brother and I’s favorite books. My mom had a funny feeling that Ari would love it too, so she bought it for him.

She was right, he loves it. Maybe it’s because he is utterly obsessed with cars? I don’t know. But whatever the case may be, he is napping right now because I read it to him. Here is a sample page from the book in case you are unfamiliar with it.

Scarry (who sadly passed away in 1994) had a quirky sense of humor and includes vehicles like a “cheese car” which is driven by mice, or a pickle car. There is also a “bananamobile” driven by monkeys. In addition to the funny fictional vehicles there are also real cars and trucks to identify.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a vehicle obsessed toddler you need this book! Click below to order it.

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