Ari and I went to visit my college roommate, Staci, on Long Island the other day. I hadn’t seen her in a while, so I was excited to hang out. I told her I would be getting to her place at around 10am. Due to traffic, I made it around 10:30am. Okay, I admit I was a half an hour late.

She opened the door and the first thing she said was:
“Wow! I wasn’t expecting you till noon!” At first I was offended. Noon? Who did she think I was arriving two hours late? What a rude thing to do! Then I realized that she remembered me to be a late person. Since having Ari, I have become much more punctual. I am no loner absurdly late for things.

We were hanging out with Staci and a friend of hers that I didn’t know. Staci was telling her friend how I used to do laundry in college.

“When I saw Sarah do laundry,” she said with a smirk “I realized that you don’t have to separate colors and whites!”

Essentially, 19 year old me would literally throw all my clothes into the washer, put some detergent in and press the start button. Forget washing instructions, fabric standards, I had no time for such things. Sadly, I can’t say that has changed. I’m still really lazy when I do laundry. I don’t separate anything out and I wash it all in warm water.

We also reminisced about how I used to sit on the floor of our dorm room and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without a plate. Today I use plates.

Despite the fact that I have evolved to using utensils and plates, I still don’t know how to clean my house. I am entirely overwhelmed by the prospect of it.

To sum it up, I’ve made a chart.

Now it’s your turn! How have you changed?

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