I am happy to report that Ari is asleep and it is 7:55pm Eastern Standard Time. I made a promise to myself that I would get him back in his bed, and tonight (at least) I’ve done it!
Here’s what magical steps I took to accomplish this task:

1. I told him at 7pm that we were brushing our teeth and going to bed.
2. After teeth cleaning, we sat together in his dark room and I read Goodnight Moon 1-2-3. He cried through half the book and listened to the 2nd half.
3. Then I sang Perry Como’s ” ‘A’ You’re Adorable” while he put his head in my lap and screamed “MOMMY!”
4. After awhile, the screaming and crying stopped and he listened to the song.
5. I continued to sing Mr. Como as I moved him onto his pillow. He began screaming once again. I put a firm hand on his back and eventually the screaming calmed down and he drifted off to sleep.
6. Then I counted to 120 (to make sure he was really asleep) and I snuck out of his room and told Egreck to stop meowing at the door. He was attempting to ruin everything that I worked so hard to accomplish.

Ari is asleep! I hardly know what to do with myself. One thing I do know is this: I’m the mama! I rock the house!

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