The more I stay indoors with my sick child, the less I want to enter the outside world. I think there may be three headed monsters out there. Or at least fire breathing dragons who only speak Russian. I certainly won’t be able to communicate with them, so what’s the point of leaving the house?

This is the result of being indoors for a day and a half. Not to mention the fact that I’ve had my daily cup of coffee and (because I’ve been stuck inside) I haven’t had a chance to burn off that nervous energy walking. So I just feel crazy.

Also, I’m afraid to change from my pajama pants into jeans. Jeans feel like bad luck somehow. Pajama pants = good.

The funny thing is that Ari doesn’t seem to care about being trapped in the house.

I must be going now. I think there are some garden gnomes threatening to enter my apartment. Bye for now!

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