As I was perusing the aisles of Costco , I took a look around me to see what others were buying. It turns out that there are people who purchase the same household items that I do.

It occurred to me that (based upon our similar taste in Glad trash bags and Scotch Brite sponges) we could be potentially compatible friends.

I’ve said many times how hard it is to make mom friends, so I propose this:
a mom friend matching service based upon the contents of your Costco shopping cart.

Think of it:
–You have your virtual shopping filled with Eco-Friendly dish soap, paper towels and cat litter.
–You get an email stating that a “potential match has been found!” the mom in question has those items and 120 capsules of fish oil as well as the Kirkland brand diapers.

Well, you may have found yourself a new friend! You already have so much in common. I mean, who doesn’t love cat litter?

So, what do you have in your Costco cart? Are we a match?

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