I have always been a pack rat. It is really difficult for me to get rid of items because I am nostalgic by nature and hang on to their emotional significance. However, having my son has truly put things into perspective and now I am beginning to see that they are just objects. There are more important things in this life.

Enter Dara Finkel:

Dara and I have been friends since the 1st grade when we were students at P.S.87 and in Trudy Orgas’ class together. We fell out of touch after high school, but then recconnected on the almighty facebook.

It turns out Dara has started her own business called Spacial Harmony. She is a personal organizer, but her skills go beyond that. When she came over to my place, she was more like a therapist. She guided me through the process of throwing things away and donating items that I didn’t need.

Dara has a sensitive touch when it comes to organization and decluttering. She was understanding when it came to objects that I was unwilling to part with, but helped me to determine that there were items that I could get rid of and feel okay about.

Here’s an example of her work on a scary closet of mine:

We are still working on the rest of the apartment. She is amazing at what she does. For more information on Dara’s company “Spacial Harmony” visit her site here. Or check Spacial Harmony out of facebook here.