Ever since I gave birth to my son, my memory fails me constantly. I joke often that I actually “gave birth to my brain”.

It’s sad actually. I have blocked out entire chunks of my life. Including specific incidents and conversations that I’ve had with people.

When I tell someone that I don’t remember something, its embarrassing. In fact, I used to have a flawless memory. I could recount to you a detailed conversation that I had with someone. That is not the case today.

I spoke with my friend and fellow mom about this today. She told me that she has also suffered a horrible memory loss after giving birth. So its not just me.

The trouble is, when I tell someone that I don’t remember something that happened, good or bad, and they don’t believe me, and there’s nothing that I can do to convince them that I’m not lying.

Believe me, I would like my memory back. It would save me some embarrassing moments. So to all those people that I have offended because I don’t remember something that I said or did, I am officially sorry.

That’s all I can do.