Okay, I admit it. Having a baby does come with perks sometimes. Like today for instance. I left the house with my son. It was bad weather, so we decided to drive to the library instead of walking there. My mom was kind enough to let me borrow her car.

But as soon as I reached the car, I encountered a problem. I was blocked into my parking spot by two other cars. Yes, folks, I had become the victim of New York City’s alternate side of the street parking.

What was I to do?

Well, I noticed there was a man hanging out on the stoop across from where my mom’s car was parked.

“Excuse me sir?” I called out to him “Do you know whose car this is?”
I motioned to one of the cars that was blocking my mom’s car into the spot.

“No I don’t, miss, but I can ask my friend who lives on the block.” He said.

His friend stuck his head out of the window and informed him who the car belonged to. Eventually, it was established that there was one man who was responsible for moving multiple cars on the block. It was a community effort.

Anyhow, seeing that I had a baby with me, both these men attempted to help me (graciously). One of the men (the one who was responsible for all the cars on the block) moved the car that was blocking my mom’s car.

Both men then attempted to direct me out of the tight parking spot that I was in.

After many minutes of trying and failing to get out of the parking spot, the man who had a friend on the block asked me

“You want me to do it for you?”

“Okay!” I said without any hesitation at all.

He pulled my mom’s car out of the spot in less than two minutes. He told me that he used to drive limos. It was no problem.

My son was watching all of this in his car seat. Totally mesmerized.

As I got ready to be on my way I said thank you to both men.

“Its no problem,” said the man who was the resident car mover “You got a little one there. You have a lot to take care of.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. You got a baby.” Agreed the man whose friend lived on the block.

Having a baby can work to your advantage sometimes. Especially when you are the victim of alternate side of the street parking.